Google starts to test pay through your smartphone

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Bloomberg enabled the site to obtain information says that Google will begin field trials in some cities of
America in cooperation with the stores to add the ability to pay your account via your smartphone.

Using communication technology near-term (NFC) built into many of the new telephone, such as Nexus feeds, Google will link your service financial such as Google check - Out or Paypal, and when you want to pay the account will you have to deal with the Cashier provider technology NFC also so The phones to communicate with the cashier and the completion of the process to wirelessly without the need to remove the money.

Google apparently will provide Alcachirat equipped with NFC technology for stores, which will this experience, which will be divided between New York and San Francisco.

Of course this is not the first time we hear about the possibility of payment by mobile phone, but when you Google this thing must have a weight and a greater impact on the world.

A final point is that some may argue that the use of wireless technology may not be secure, but NFC technology you need to 4 cm or less in order to continue points and shall arrange the exchange of data which are difficult to process eavesdropping, and add to that encryption and application process to confirm the operation by entering the number Sri etc etc ... we seem to Sntkhaly cards for electronic payment soon.
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