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This program supports all file types such as CDs Phantom: ISO, BIN, NRG, IMG, DAA,
It also allows you to create, edit and run the fake CDs yourself you will see a great potential
And from which you can also compress images Phantom of the cylinders and divided into parts, password-protected ..
And deals with all types of CDs and Mchgladtha CD / DVD-ROM

--- Power ISO ---

Power ISO v4 Features

1- If you want to play a game or program on your computer directly from the
And is this game on CD-based Autorun
They can not be operated only from CD
So that you can through this program to copy this CD to your computer and run Kostoanp fake.

2 - If you want to keep a copy of an important cylinder
Especially if the cylinder of a self-boot operating system (Bootable)
Through the program you can create a replica of the cylinder to keep them and copy them to any empty cylinder in the future.

3 - for professionals who create CDs aggregate AIO
Where the program is very useful to them in the process of creating a picture of rip their and be
Ready to burn directly to CD, and even password-protected, too.

4 - Finally .. The ISO format that the software supports the importance of large
Especially when you raise the cylinder to the Internet
Since this formula are very compact stunning
Therefore, you may find a fake cylinder compressed size for example 200 MB
When you unzip them find their size had reached 600 to 700 MB.


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