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This wonderful design is in fact more than just a bulb normal lighting, it contains within it the headset 8 ohms connected via the Bluetooth to your computer to which it can work system voice distinctive and innovative in your home, there is no need now to worry Where will speakers because you can put wherever you want inside the house and installed anywhere ordinary lamps, need not also be looking for a source of energy such as batteries or others because they take energy from the link, which provides electricity bulb.

Featuring a light bulb (or headset) is also to contain the LED lighting instead of tungsten fuse which makes it environmentally friendly, as is also characterized by that each part of the parts subject to replacement in case of damage, such as: the LED and the speaker of 8 ohms.

Although the idea is very good, but there are drawbacks worrying in this design in its present form, first, that to reduce or raise the speaker volume itself, you should do so in hand through the outer ring of the bulb,
 Which I can not giving up if the speaker in the ceiling of the room, for example, and secondly, that the heat arising from the LED could be affected by the speakers of the close proximity to them, which would lead to damage to frequently, but on the whole the idea is innovative and scalable.

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