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A bus is the most effective ways to solve traffic jams because they convey a large number of people at once, so you will find that the crowded cities always encourages citizens to leave their cars and use public transport.
On the other hand we must not ignore the fact that the magnitude of the bus makes it in itself a traffic problem, it is enough to meet severalbuses in one street to form a traffic crisis!

So .. Can't use the bus but without the crashes car behind it?

 The answer seems difficult
but to the Chinese another view:

Yes it can, it simply will not crash the bus cars because the cars pass underneath!!

Will allow the bottom of the "bus" for strange cars to passunderneath without problems, while the upper part of which carriespassengers without problems as well

Provided the Chinese Engineering Company Shenzhen Huaxi this idea strange and ingenious exhibition in Beijing XIII of advanced technology, the company says that this bus will be able to alleviate the crowdedness of cities by 30%.

 Featuring the bus as well as solar-powered, and reaches a height of 4.5 meters and can travel at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour, while carrying 1400 passengers at a time!

Contain the bus warning system radar warn the driver in the case of a car is approaching dangerously him, and inform driver of the car at the bottom as well as to move away in his car on the tires the bus, and will house the bus system as well as emergency staircases such as those found in aircraft to jump from the passengers in case of emergency!

 This will be the implementation of this project is already in Beijing, where the first line will be built along 186 miles later this year.

You can learn more about the rapid bus project that shows through video presentation by the Shenzhen company Huaxi of the project: (width in Chinese)

The bus will cost about alien that $ 73 million comprehensive industry itself and the bus routes that will run it (per 40 km).

A large amount but certainly the company that submitted the idea say that this amount is not equal to only ten percent of the cost of the metro to the same distance!

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