Leo Trader Pro Neural-Net Robot

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"THE ONLY 100% Hands Free, Fully Automatic, Neural Network-Based Forex Robot That Produces Real-Money Profits Of 75.29% Per Month, or 3.47% per day... PROVEN With Account Investor Password Access!"
...YES, 75% PER MONTH For OVER 6 Months Now
LEARN How A Genius Neural-Net Development Team Is Revolutionizing The Automated FX Trading Industry... And How Every Day You Can Make Money On Complete Autopilot, 100% Hands Free, With The Most Profitable Real-Money, Live Trading FX Robot...

An ABSOLUTE dream...

- Deposit: USD $10,000
- Net Profit: USD $98,800.92
- Net Profit Percent: 988.92%
- Maximal Drawdown: 5.84% (WOW!)
Yes...a 988.92% NET profit with less than 6% drawdown!
Again... WOW!
If this was the very first automated FX product that you ever came across you would have probably said I will soon be rich.
And why not (we as human beings, tend to believe in LOGIC!)...
It is logical to think that, if the robot did so well on a back-test, it will continue doing well in the next few years in a real-money, live market environment right?
But... talk is cheap and we are all about PROVING the PROOF in all that we do.
So... we took the robot and placed it on a US $1,000 real-money, live account... the only way to prove a point... the ONLY way to prove REAL performance!
And so, here is our 988.92% NET profit with less than 6% drawdown (almost 4 years!) robot performing LIVE:
Again... no worries, we only risked USD $1,000 with this real-money, live account!
And here are the stats of the real-money, live trading account:
- Deposit:           US $1,000 (real money)
- Net Profit: USD      $0
- Net Profit Percent:   0%
- Maximal Drawdown: 100% (account whipped!)

Yes... we traded the robot on a real-money, live account for a bit over 3 months and LOST all of the deposit!
Wiped... cleaned... erased.

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